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Server MOTD

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General Rules:

1: No teamkilling.
2: No mingery.
3: No RDM (Random Death Match - Killing when you are not at war/raiding/being shot at.)
4: No FailRP, act like this is real life, you may joke around, but only doing things that you could do in real life.
5: You must be a Sergeant/Equivalent to train.
6: No asking for ranks. Punishable by PT.
7: No Climb-Swep Launching.
8: No using tools (tool gun) to gain an advantage in any way.
9: Killing someone by hitting them with a vehicle is considered CDM and can be punished by a warn, ban or kick.
10: You may only promoted officers ONCE PER DAY.
11: You may only promote people ONE RANK AT A TIME.
12: You may not kill people that are at formations.
13: You may not kill people with grenade launchers/rockets unless they are in a vehicle (Car or Aircraft)
14. A war may be called once a hostile action has occurred between two factions or more. Wars last 20 mins max!

Staff Rules:
1: You must be cloaked and godded whenever you use noclip. (Unless given permission from a Senior-Admin+ or in a staff situation.)
2: You may only use staff powers in staff situations.
3: You may not noclip just to talk to someone, if you need to talk to someone, just bring them to a safe, solitary location.
4: Staff may not abuse their powers in any way, shape or form.
5: No noclipping just to spectate things.
6: Staff must respond to staff calls as soon as possible. First person to TP gets dibs.
7: Staff must all abide by server rules or face demotion.

Role-play Rules:

  1. You must stay in base unless given permission from an officer, unless Sgt+
  2. You must always salute officers whenever within 6 paces.
  3. You must call all officers "sir/ma'am"
  4. You must only address enlisted men/women by rank.
  5. You must never salute enlisted men/women.
  6. You must never talk back to a higher ranking person.
  7. You must always listen to orders from a higher ranking person.
  8. You must fight to the best of their ability.
  9. You must not not speak at formation
  10. You must not move at formation.
  11. You must follow all orders from higher-ranking persons. If you are confused by conflicting orders, remember this: always listen to the higher ranking person.
    12: Only officers may call formations.
    13: Platoon commanders may only call formations for their platoons, not full formations.
    14: Shooting teammates is not allowed whatsoever.

Marine Rules:

1: You may fire upon any enemy you see, unless ordered not to.
2: Salute 2nd Lt+.
3: Never kill a teammate.
4: Always listen to higher ranking personnel.
5: You may only raid an enemy base every 10 minutes.

Regular Rules:

1: You may only have one job besides Basic Infantry Marine/Infantry Officer job.
2: MARSOC may only have one job besides their MARSOC job.
3: You must always stand at attention and look at the officer while saluting.
4: You must have a suppressor on at the range at all times.
5: You may not give orders that a higher ranking enlisted person/officer contradicts with.
I.E. Sgt. Tells you to go to place "A", while 1st Lt tells you to go to place "B". You go to place "B",
6: Formations may only be called every 30 minutes.

Terrorist Rules:
1: You may only raid an enemy base every 10 minutes.
2: You may not camp formations to kill right after they are dismissed.

Marine Ranks:

Enlisted -

Private - Pvt
Private First Class - PFC
Lance Corporal - LCpl
Corporal - Cpl
Sergeant - Sgt
Staff Sergeant - SSgt
Gunnery Sergeant - GySgt
Master Sergeant - MSgt
First Sergeant - 1Sgt
Master Gunnery Sergeant - MGySgt
Sergeant Major - SgtMaj
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps - SMMC


2nd Lieutenant - 2ndLt
1st Lieutenant - 1stLt
Captain - Capt
Major - Maj
Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol
Colonel - Col
Brigadier General - BGen
Major General - MajGen
Lieutenant General - LtGen
General - Gen


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