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Help for reliable advisor E2 visa program.

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Read about the E2 visa

What is the E2 visa program?

The E2 visa program, also known as the E2 visa, can be a visa for foreigners who wish to live in the US to develop and operate a business. The E2 Visa is a superb option for all those planning to start up a business in america.

This is a nonimmigrant visa that is issued to residents of the treaty places of the United States (countries around the world that conserve a steady bilateral Maritime and Trade Arrangement with america).

The conditions from the E2 visa

Be considered a resident of countries which the us is actually a signatory on the E2 Treaty

The prospect need to show that he or she continues to be or maybe investing a substantial sum in an real business in the usa. The prospect has to be the investor, the executive stage, or own no less than 50Percent in the business value.

The applicant have to show that he or she is entering the US using the sole function of developing and operating the business where they make investments.

Through the time period of retaining an E2 visa, the investor's business needs to conserve a specific operation and effectiveness, and create revenue and jobs for local loudspeakers.

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