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Staff Applications

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We are always in the need of new staff members! Please, if you enjoy our community, make an application!

Contact an owner or co-owner immediately after acceptance!

Copy Format From Below The Line

In-Game Name -

Steam Profile Name -

Steam ID -

Server Playtime -

List Any Prior Servers You Have Administrated -

Explain why you wish to be staff on our community (60 Words Min.) -

Explain why we should choose you over another person (50 Words Min.) -

Explain your knowledge of ULX commands and administrative abilities (30 Words Min.) -

Have you ever owned a server / community? -


Define RDM -

Define FailRP -

Define Metagame -

Define NLR -

Define Roleplay -

Scenarios ----------------------------------------------------------

A man has RDM'd a friend of yours and you are extremely upset (Please Pick A Choice ; A, B, or C):
A. 2 Day Ban
B. Verbal Warning
C. Warn Them (Using Warn System)
Answer -

A person joins the server not intending to roleplay. He is disrespecting officers, but has not RDM'd. (A, B, or C):
A. Warn Them (Using Warn System. If repeated, a ban)
B. 5 Day Ban
C. Shoot them
Answer -

A person joins the server and starts screaming. He starts RDMing all in close to him. Players are asking for help (A, B, or C):
A. Immediately ban them for 1 Week
B. Ignore because you are involved in an event
C. Warn Them (Using Warn System)
Answer -

Do NOT Copy Below This Line

Please Post Your Application As A Reply Under This Post -

We consider ALL applications! We are extremely grateful for you dedicating your time to the community

~ Sullivan


  • edited May 2017

    All Staff were wiped due to server issues ; Please post your application as a reply!

    Good Luck!

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